Sprinter van rear door window curtains folded up

Sprinter van window covers comparison

The options for buying Sprinter van window covers have never been better. There are at least nine manufacturers out there. From home hobby shops to seasoned retailers, options abound. With so many window cover manufacturers come many different styles, quality and materials.

But are all Sprinter van window covers made equal? What about when it comes to value? Which shades offer the best quality and features for the most affordable price.

Look no further. We’ve compiled data on the top window cover manufacturers and provide a breakdown of cost and features. Specifically, we compare price, ease of use (do they use magnets), are they easy to clean (based on fabric type), whether they are made in the USA and the type of insulation they use.

Window cover features comparison


Price Magnets Easy to Clean Made in USA Insulation
Quest Overland $$ Y Y Y Low-E
Strawfoot $$$ Y Y Y Low-E
RB Components $$$$ Y Y ? ?
SportsMobile $$$ ? N ? ?
Moohah $$$$ Y N Y ?
XLPR $$ Y Y Y Low-E?
Van Made Gear $$ Y Y Y Low-E
Sprinter Store $ Mix N Unlikely ?
EuroCampers $ N N Imported ?

Value analysis for a full crew set of window covers

Let’s dig deeper on a comparison of what you get if you were to purchase covers for the windshield, cabin door windows, slider, driver side crew and rear door windows. Or in other words, all of the window covers you’d need for a crew Sprinter van.

Here’s the break down on price (as of spring 2019):

  • Quest Overland $999 (Free shipping)
  • Strawfoot $1,400 + plus shipping
  • RB Components $1,618 + plus shipping (but only make an external windshield cover)
  • SportsMobile – doesn’t make complete set
  • Moohah $1,630 + plus shipping
  • XLPR $950 + plus shipping
  • Van Made Gear $1,135 + plus shipping
  • Sprinter Store $300 + plus shipping
  • EuroCampers ~ $200 + plus shipping

Clearly, Sprinter Store and EuroCampers come in as the cheapest. And to be quite frank, it looks like you get what you pay for. Their shades have a reflective material, but it is exposed. My guess is it won’t hold up too well. However, I haven’t actually physical inspected these, so if you have experience with them please let me know what you think in the comments.

At the high end is Moohah, they break the $1,500 barrier and that doesn’t include shipping. Not far behind is RB Components, they are $12 cheaper, but that doesn’t get you an interior windshield cover. RB Components’ windshield goes on the outside of your van. So if you pull into your place for the night and it’s raining, out you go into the rain to put your windshield cover on. And when you put it away it will be wet too. Certainly not my style when van camping, but maybe it is yours.

Folded up sprinter van window covers

The best value

In the mid-range prices are Quest Overland, Strawfoot, XLPR and Van Made Gear. All of these shops make their covers in the USA. We can’t make a living selling quality handmade goods at dirt cheap prices. It is within this group that the best value can be found – reasonable prices for top-quality products.  

quest overland logo

What distinguishes Quest Overland

Most affordable

Given our example of the price for a set of window covers for a crew Sprinter van we are the most affordable and offer the best value when you factor in shipping costs.

Free shipping & carbon free shipping

In addition to providing free shipping to orders in the United States, we are the only ones who offset 100% of our carbon due to shipping. Furthermore, we source as many materials from the USA as possible. Currently our edge binding, strapping, snaps, insulation and thread are made in the USA. Our magnets are custom made in the USA with imported neodymium. We are currently looking for a supplier of quality USA-produced fabric.

True Low-E(TM) Insulation

The term “Low-E” insulation is thrown around a lot for various products. However, Low-E is a brand name of insulation made by Environmentally Safe Products, Inc. They make their quality insulation in the USA with a true aluminum face, not mylar. It is regarded as the best foil-faced insulation on the market. Unfortunately, getting true Low-E is no easy task. You can’t just buy it on Amazon, although there are plenty of knock-offs there! Here at Quest Overland we source Low-E directly from the manufacturer and use it in all of our Sprinter van window covers.


With the rising popularity of Sprinter vans the options for window covers spread a wide range of quality and value. Here at Quest Overland we craft our window covers by hand in Oregon. We source materials from the USA when possible and we have a money-back guarantee. We are proud of the products we make.

Obviously, we hope you choose our window covers when it comes time to upfit your van. But if you do decide to go with another manufacturer we truly hope your curtains bring the privacy, efficiency and ease of you use that you deserve when you are out adventuring.