Sprinter windshield + cabin door windows package (2019+)


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This bundle comes with a windshield shade that is held in place by the sun visors and a pair of magnetic window covers for the driver and passenger side door windows. Supporting rods in the windshield cover eliminate sag. Storage bag included.

COMPATIBILITY: 2019+ Sprinter vans and RV’s on Sprinter chassis.


  • Insulates and regulates van temperature
  • Reduces interior noise
  • Blocks out virtually all light coming from inside your van (keeps you stealthy)
  • Blocks out sunlight so you can sleep in
  • Provides great privacy


  • Windshield cover is held in place with factory sun visors, cabin doors are magnetic
  • Windshield cover accommodates technology boxes present on some windshields
  • Storage bag
  • Heavy-duty waterproof ripstop nylon on the interior and exterior
  • Premium thickness Low-E foil-faced insulation


  • Rear view mirror: Choose if your van has a rear view mirror or not
  • Grab Handles: Choose if you have the original low grab handles from Mercedes Benz (standard in 4×4) or no handles (the overhead handles do not effect the fit). Note: After market grab handles may effect the fit.
  • Cabin doors screen/vent: Choose if you want screen vents on the top 1/3 of your cabin door window covers (see pictures)

Handmade in Oregon, USA.

Additional information

Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 10 in
Rear view mirror

Present, Not present

Door handles

Grab handles, No grab handles

Cabin doors screen/vent

Flip down screen vent, No screen vent