Transit sliding door window cover


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Insulated window cover for mid and high roof Ford Transit vans sliding door window. This quality window shade snaps into place with extra powerful magnets and included straps let you fold up in place.

COMPATIBILITY: Mid and high roof Ford Transit vans. Note: requires exposed metal on van door, not compatible with doors that have plastic molding.


  • Insulates and regulates van temperature
  • Provides great privacy
  • Reduces interior noise
  • Blocks out virtually all light coming from inside your van (keeps you stealthy)
  • Blocks out sunlight so you can sleep in


  • Snaps into place with neodymium magnets
  • Can be folded up and left in place even while driving (doesn’t required extra storage space)
  • Heavy-duty waterproof ripstop nylon on the interior and exterior
  • Premium thickness Low-E foil-faced insulation

Optional T-Vent available that flips up and stays in place via magnets.

Please take care when opening and closing your sliding door with the window cover folded up. If the window cover shifts from its ideal location or depending on how your van is built out, it may not clear the van when opening the door.

Handmade in Oregon with many US-based materials.

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No Vent, T-vent