Shower/privacy curtain for 2019+ Sprinter vans


This shower privacy curtain magnetically snaps to the rear doors of your 2019+ Sprinter van.


Now you can shower anywhere and get privacy.

This shower/privacy curtain is made of heavy duty, waterproof ripstop nylon. Extra powerful N55 Neodymium magnets attach it to the rear doors of your 2019+ Sprinter van. It also comes with two smaller pieces that block the gap between the rear door and body of the van. A handy storage bag is included.


When you open your rear doors to their maximum, do they stop at about 180˚ or 270˚ or do you have one of each? The 180˚ doors open to be approximately parallel with the length of the van and do not open any further. The 270˚ doors open all the way and fold back onto the van body, but they have a midway “soft” stop point as well.  Some people have one door that opens to 180˚ and one to 270˚ – this is common when you have purchased a third party rear tire carrier.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 81 × 54 × 1 in
Max door opening angle

180 degrees, 270 degrees, One of each