Passenger van rear quarter panel window cover (pair)


This is a pair of insulated window covers for the rear quarter panel windows that are found on 144 Passenger Sprinter vans (2007-2018 and 2019+). They use extra large magnets so that they are powerful enough to attach through the plastic molding that is commonly found around these windows.


Handmade insulated window covering for you 2007-2018 (NCV3) and 2019+ (VS30) 144″ wheelbase Passenger Sprinter van rear quarter panel window.

This premium window covering snaps into place with powerful rare earth magnets. It completely covers the rear most side window on 144″ passenger vans. Included straps let you fold it up.


  • Insulates and regulates van temperature
  • Reduces interior noise
  • Blocks out virtually all light coming from inside your van (keeps you stealthy)
  • Blocks out sunlight to sleep in
  • Provides great privacy


  • Snaps into place with extra strong neodymium magnets to work through plastic moulding
  • Can be folded up and left in place
  • High-quality waterproof ripstop nylon on the interior and exterior
  • Premium thickness Low-E foil-faced insulation

These are handmade in Oregon, USA. If you aren’t satisfied with these, send them back for a full refund.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 6 × 6 in