Sprinter 7-piece crew package (2007-2018)


These window coverings provide the ultimate privacy and comfort in your crew Sprinter van. Buy this package to save as opposed to buying each window cover individually.

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Keep your van temperature-regulated, private and dark!. This bundle includes 7 premium insulated window covers for 2007-2018 Sprinter vans. Specifically, it includes the following covers:

  • Windshield (with storage bag)
  • Driver and passenger door windows
  • Sliding door window
  • Crew driver side window (window opposite sliding door)
  • Rear doors (pair)

IMPORTANT: Please read all the info on this page, especially about the options and let us know if you have any questions. There are quite a few variations in how vans are built out, so please read on!

All of our window shades are made with premium thickness low-E insulation and durable ripstop nylon. All except the windshield use small powerful magnets to quickly snap into place. The windshield cover is held in place with the sun visors and has fiberglass rods to prevent sagging.

These window shades give you the privacy you deserve and help keep your van comfortable.


Rear view mirror: Specify whether your van has a rear view mirror or not. Note that if you have a technology box on your windshield our cover goes right over it. We’ve found this gives a superior fit. We only need to know whether you have a mirror.

Crew window: We make a vented version of this cover to accommodate after-market windows with awning style vents in the bottom portion (e.g. C.R. Laurence). This allows you to flip up one or both sides of the bottom of the cover so you can utilize the ventilation from that window with your cover still mostly in place.  If you have an AMA sliding window we can make a cover that flips back horizontally. Just order the t-vents and make a note in the Order Notes.

IMPORTANT: If there is plastic around your crew window let us know in the Order Notes. If you have paneling or upholstery up to the window frame but an exposed black aluminum window frame, please get in touch with us, we can make a version that is cut to the size of the window frame. If you have the Adventure Wagon Kit we can make a special cover for you, please let us know in the Order Notes field during checkout.

Sliding door window: Please see venting options for crew window.

Grab handles: Choose if you have the original low grab handles from Mercedes Benz (standard in 4×4) or no handles (the overhead handles do not effect the fit). Note: After market grab handles may effect the fit.

Flip down screened vents: You can optionally have screens built into the top 1/4 of the cabin door covers so you can flip down the insulation for airflow without letting the bugs in.

Rear Doors: These covers are designed to work in vans with no plastic moulding around the rear door windows. If you have anything at all over the van metal around your rear door windows please email us to discuss options.

Please take care when opening and closing your sliding door with the window cover folded up. If the window cover shifts from its ideal location or depending on how your van is built out, it may not clear the van when opening the door.

Handmade with care in Oregon, USA.


Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 12 × 12 in
Rear view mirror

Present, Not present

Driver side crew window vent option

No vent, T-Vent

Sliding door window vent option

No vent, T-Vent

Cabin door grab handles

Handles, No handles

Cabin doors screened vent

Flip down screened vent, No screened vent