Our Van

We have a 2016 Sprinter 144 High-Top 4×4. Our van came to us by way Arizona where it was originally built out as a convertible kid hauler and camping van. We bought it used and “ready to go” so to speak, but it wasn’t finished. While L-track is found throughout and it has a nice DC house battery system, she is still missing some important features:

To Do

Completed Before We Purchased

  • thinsulate insulation
  •  two 6V AGM 220 AH batteries (wired to produce 12V)
  • custom seating system to accommodate up to 7 adults safely
  • swivel front seats
  • Lagun table
  • bed
  • multi-zone LED lighting, USB chargers and 12V plugs
  • Aluminess side ladder
  • bamboo paneling
  • coin floor

Pictures of our van

Somewhere in the western Cascades, southern Oregon.
Being the nature nerds we are, we spent some time at Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon watching fall migration.
Sprinter Van in Death Valley National Park
Our rig with the newly installed solar panels in Death Valley National Park.