Do you have any covers in stock?

All of our covers are made to order so we typically do not carry any inventory. The exception to this rule are our roof vents and shower curtains. Those we typically can ship out much faster than the other window covers.

I have a technology box on my windshield, will your cover work?

Yes, our covers work with or without the technology box, but we do need to know if you have a rear view mirror. If you have another setup, like a screen or rain sensor get in touch with us and we will make a recommendation for your windshield.

Do I have grab handles?

The grab handles on the cabin doors that we need to know about are down low on the door, kind of in front of the side mirror, but on the interior. They are standard only in 4×4 Sprinters.

Will your magnets work with the stock plastic molding in passenger van?

Yes, as long as we know you have a passenger van we will put extra large magnets in the passenger rear quarter panels and the crew window (behind the driver) covers. We do this whenever we see an order for the passenger rear quarter panels come through. If you don’t order those, but have a passenger van just make a note in the notes field when you order. If you have a 170 with plastic molding please just make a note in the notes field about that. If you have plastic molding around the rear doors get in touch with us about solutions, even our strongest magnets won’t work in those covers.

What type of insulation do you use?

We use ESP’s Low-E Insulation™ for all of our insulation. It is closed cell foam covered in a true aluminum coating whereas the knock-offs on Amazon are coated with weak mylar. Closed cell foam does not off-gas and our Low-E Insulation™ is made in the USA! This stuff is bomber.

Where is the reflective surface on your shades?

We put our reflective insulation between two layers of high-quality ripstop nylon. We believe this hits the sweet spot of providing good radiant qualities while also maintaining durability of our window covers.

What is the R-value of the insulation you use?

The r-value of Low-E insulation can be up to 11. However, one of the benefits of Low-E Insulation is that it stops about 97% of radiant energy. You can read more about the benefits of radiant heat blocking here.

Do your window covers roll or fold up?

Yes! Most of our window covers fold up accordion style and they come with straps and snaps so you can leave them in place to see outside the window. The windshield and cabin door window covers fold up for storage, but they can’t be folded up and left in place like our other window covers. Our bed panel window covers fold horizontally to see outside.