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Everyone deserves privacy

Woman staring at majestic mountains with Sprinter van

Eventually everyone ends up at a campground (or Walmart parking lot) where it would be really nice to have some privacy inside your van. If you are a city-dweller, privacy is a necessity most nights. Our window covers snap into place with magnets providing instant privacy. They also prevent most light from escaping from the inside for a very stealthy “black out” effect.

It’s not just a van, it’s your home

Glass is a horrible insulator. Whether you are trying to keep your van warm when it is cold outside, or cool when it is hot outside, our insulated window shades help keep your van comfortable. They not only increase the efficiency of your van, but they help turn your van from a house on wheels, to a comfy home.

Easy installation

Sprinter van window cover for passenger door window

No drilling. No suction cups. No velcro to hold it to your van. All of our window covers snap into place using powerful magnets (except the windshield cover which is held in place with the factory sun visors). When you arrive at camp after a long day of driving, deploying the shades is just a matter of pushing them against the window.

Built to last

Life on the road is hard on your gear. That is why our window covers are made with durable ripstop nylon and military-grade webbing. The insulation is made from foil-faced, closed-cell foam that does not off-gas.

Handcrafted in Oregon, all of our covers come with a money-back guarantee.

Folded insulated Sprinter van window covers

Don’t just take our word for it

“Your Magnetic Window coverings for our 2018 Sprinter Van are absolutely everything promised.”

– K. Wilson

“They fit fantastic!!!! You make a great product. Thank you!”

– Steve (the snow chaser)

“I just received my driver/passenger covers and they’re great!”

– Brandy, San Francisco